True or False?

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Pit bulls (pitbulls) make very loving pets, and they are good with children. Then again, this is true of many dogs. Ask yourself why you want a pit bull (pitbull), and consider whether you are even doing the breed a favor by adopting one.

If you have already researched this nauseous topic, go to the kill page to find out how to kill a pit bull before it maims, sexually assaults1, or kills one of your children.

Otherwise, start with this introduction.

True or False?

Pit-nutters keep talking about this “misunderstood” breed, yet almost all we ever hear about is what wonderful dogs these are! Misunderstanding is certainly their agenda.

Each header below is a true statement that pit bull apologists, breeders, rescuers, criminals, owners, and dog-fighters will agree with. The sub-bullets list truths that these same people will deny, ignore, and/or lie about.

True: It is mostly about the owners.

  • Also true: Drug overdose statistics are mostly about dealers and users, but this does not make drugs safe or good.
  • Also true: Deaths attributed to bombings are about human behaviors and decisions, but this does not stand as a good argument to legalize bombs.
  • Also true: Pit bulls are not to blame for their unfortunate genetic makeup — the pit bull story is all about men and women who are entertained by violence and blood. Of course, this does not negate the danger of this animal that was artificially selected to remove flesh with unparalleled patience and passion.
  • Also true: Pit bull owners who raise their dogs in healthy environments and invest in proper training are often surprised when their sweetheart who “has never done this before” turns into a hell-demon for no good reason.
  • Also true: Most pit bull owners are criminals.1
  • Also true: Breeders and rescuers are worthy of their share of blame for this unnecessary threat to everybody’s safety.

“Blame the deed, not the breed!” Rhyming does not make a statement true or logical. A deed cannot be responsible for… itself! There are stupid people and dangerous dogs behind these deeds.

True: The media has traditionally over-represented pit bull attacks, relative to various other ways that your child might die or be seriously injured.

  • Also True: One animal, the pit bull terrier, representing only 5% of the dog population,1 has over-represented itself in killing and maiming children, horses, dogs, cats, and adults.
  • Also True: The media is surrendering to a new politically correct agenda, and is now deliberately airing propaganda material designed to entice animal lovers into adopting these mutants, to confuse identification of the breed, and to confound obvious information about the genetic tendencies of the breed.

True: Some Staffordshire Terriers traveled from England to America (between the early 1800s and mid 1900s, depending on which version of history you choose to believe) and were mixed up in America instead of in England, so are sometimes considered a different breed of dog.

  • Also True: American Staffordshire Terriers have the same genetic tendency to kill and maim — they’re just bigger .1

True: “Pit bull” is just a slang stereotype term that people use to refer to a lot of different dogs.

  • Also True: All of the dogs nicknamed “pit bulls” are, indeed, pit bulls , and cannot be trusted because they are pit bulls. Confusion is helpful when deception is desired, so pit bulls have inherited a lot of different “breed names.” Do not trust any dog that is or looks like or is a mix with a: Pit Bull Terrier (“pitbull”), American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT), Staffy Bull, English Staffordshire, American Staffordshire, American Staffordshire Terrier (AST), American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, AmStaff, Staffy, Staff, Stafford, Staffross, or American Bully. Note also that American bulldogs are pit bull mixes, except for the less common Johnson types.
  • Also True: Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are sometimes deliberately given the names of other dog breeds, such as Boxers, and Bull Terriers. The deception can go the other way, with honorable dogs being given pit labels.

True: People who hate pit bulls are prejudiced against a breed, which is similar to “racism” prejudice against a particular ethnic group.

  • Also true: Most people hate e-coli and streptococcus bacteria. Those who do not hate them kill them with medications anyway.
  • Also true: If we believe that all life originated from the same puddle of organic material, so there is no philosophical difference between a human and a dog, then there is also no philosophical difference between a dog and a mosquito.
  • Also true: Darwinist arguments are not recommended for elevating the status of pit bulls or other animals; after all, the same theory reduces humanity to the status of rats. Charles Darwin had the skulls of Australian Aborigines boiled for museum displays.1 This behavior has been blamed on his racist tendencies, but it is impossible to make a clean separation between racism and his fundamental views about humanity.
  • Also true: Parents’ tendency to keep their children away from grizzly bears is also based on genetic stereotyping, but there is no (current) lobby to correct the “irrational” thinking of these parents. Why should there be?

True: A dog of any breed is capable of aggression.

  • Also True: Dogs attack when territory is breached, they perceive a threat to their owners, or they are suffering with rabies. Pit bulls attack when somebody looks at a horse1, sits on a porch1, rides in a pram1, or talks to a neighbor.1 Pit bull attacks rarely have anything to do with territory (they make terrible guard dogs1).
  • Also true: Dogs chase cars and bark at them. Pit bulls remove pieces of cars, tearing and pulling at bumpers, fenders, and doors.1
  • Also true: Some dog bites cause puncture wounds. Pit bulls maul, tear, and gut their victims. Bones are not only exposed, but ground down. Large holes are torn into abdomens, arms and legs.1 “All dogs bite,” but not all dogs rip and maul.
  • Also true: Dogs provide warning signals to prevent physical violence. Pit bulls provide friendly signals,1 regardless of what they are doing or planning.


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