What Can I Do?

  1. Boycott pet stores, kennels, and vets who service pit bull owners, sell pit bull magazines, or endorse propaganda material about the breed. Save the letter template below, make your changes, and send it to the manager so that she knows why she is losing your business. (It is unfortunate that we need to use money to motivate people to do what is right.)
  2. Learn how to kill them;
  3. Find individual breeders and rescue agencies in your city, and expose their agenda and lies to the public; take some care, however, because pit bull owners can be more deadly than their dogs, and they almost always have several other weapons in addition to their dogs.
  4. If someone in your neighborhood owns a pit bull or pit bull mix, find out who their insurance provider is and give them a call. Insurance companies don’t like pit bulls!

Text to Copy/Paste for a Boycott Letter

[your address]
[address of pet store, vet, or kennel]
Dear [name of manager]:
As a concerned citizen who values the life and well-being of both humans and animals, I will no longer [purchase products / use the services] of your company because of its [support / endorsement] of pit bull owners.
Please refer to some of our concerns that are listed at this website: killapitbull.wordpress.com
Once you [remove offending product / service], we will be happy to do business with you again.

[sign here]
[type name]
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